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Aug '10

Yellow School Bus

There were lots of yellow school buses on the road today,  preparing for Monday’s back to school – the end of summer vacation.  The shopping for books, clothing and footwear will be eased a bit by the sales tax break weekend here in Florida.

For me, I am looking forward to the new school year as I get to help a teacher and meet 15-25 new students.  I know that if  I were given a choice I would opt for a kindergarten class.  As I have learned from my previous experiences, they are the cutest of all the  grades.

I just adore their innocence and willingness to listen and learn, along with their quick minds that (resemble sponges) as they sop up,  all of the new information and rules.   Seeing all of this come together at the end of the school year is the prize as it then becomes  a win-win for the students, the teacher and me.

There is one thing I can be sure of  and that is the promise of a great school year,  once again.  In  all actuality, I  feel my choices of  volunteerism and the use of my time is working out well by doing a little clowning for the sick, helping in the gift shop and working with our youngsters is benefiting others and my community too.

And so Ms Millie is delighted to see the yellow school buses back in town, but I wonder if I am the only one?

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