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Oct '08

Volunteer Breakfast Treat

Tomorrow at 9 in the morning, myself and other volunteers will be treated to a breakfast that  will be given by the Principal and Assistant Principal.  Each of us will introduce ourselves, tell a little about our lives and experiences.  In turn, we will hear how grateful the school is for the time that we give.  We will hear about the goals for the coming months and times we might be needed to help out. 

A few days ago I wrote about helping the children learn about planting seeds to grow green beans.  Today, there were leaves sprouting and each child has been taking turns the past week watering.  Mrs. Merrily tells me the students are so excited to see their seeds grow.  I will be sure to share this bit of news with the volunteers tomorrow.  Looking forward to meeting new parents and volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of our children,  afterall, “they are our future.”

2 comments to “Volunteer Breakfast Treat”

  1. Walk Says:

    I hope your breakfast was all you thought it would be. There might be a bean dinner before the school year is up.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I love meeting new people and sharing backgrounds, so being able to do this while enjoying a yummy breakfast was an ideal time. They loved hearing about planting the beans.