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May '09

Three Weeks to Go

June 3 will be the last day of school and the end of my seventh year of volunteering at Marlowe Elementary.  On the 29th of May I will be attending the moving up ceremony that will be a magical ride from kgn -6th grade.

My first time friends will be off in the fall to Junior High.  Some of them are almost as tall as me and some have passed my 5’2″ frame which is nice for the boys.  I don’t believe girls are as conscious about height or maybe I am just thinking about myself as being short always put me right up front, and I think I have grown accustomed to being where I can see everything and I like it!

I am planning a front row seat to witness my sweethearts, as they have their ceremony and receive their diplomas.

Tissues will be needed I am sure for the filled eyes, but they will be happy tears. The date is marked on my calendar with the 9 in the morning circled.

2 comments to “Three Weeks to Go”

  1. Walk Says:

    Give them a pat on the back and a hearty “Hi Ho Silver”. Don’t know where that came from, it just rolled out. Congrats to the students and to you for your continued support of them.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Isn’t that from the “Lone Ranger”? I am dating myself for sure. Thanks for the good wishes…..