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Aug '08

Thinking Cap Time

Anyone out there know who said “If you don’t use it, you lose it!?  Now that I am back working with second grade students for the second time this week, my brains sort of feels fuzzy.  It is reminding me that I have not put it to test of really thinking, just going through the motions.  Its’ benefits are a feeling of energy and also a fatigue( we have used cells that have been dormant), this is how it seems to me! 

The teacher used a slide to show a page from the workbook showing patterns and units and what in fact -constitutes a pattern.  It also showed how we might continue the pattern, change it, add to it.  Ironically there is a “rule” that I didn’t recall or it has been too many years since I was in second grade.  The “rule” is the part that repeats itself.  So, I am learning along with my little students.

I am begging to wonder “Am I smarter than a second grader?”  We shall see……..To be continued

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