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Apr '08

The Sweetest Words

I recall Art Linkletter saying “kids say the darnedest things” and yes, I do agree. I would like to add that they give the most honest answers you will ever hear. As some of my readers know, I volunteer for a kindergarten class of 18 five to almost six year olds. Our school year begins in August and ends the first week in June. For those of us parents, think back to your five year olds, and how immature they were and how they missed Mommy. Runny noses, tears, open shoelaces, and the “I am not sharing” syndrome. This year, the months have passed quickly and my school children have progressed to having manners, sharing, knowing how to count to 100 and being able to write the numbers sequentially. We are now writing sentences together using a clothes-pin as a spacer between the words to give them an idea of how not to bunch letters or spread them way up, down and around the page.

As I was helping little Allison who still is tiny in stature (she could pass for four years old), she said “Ms Millie, I don’t want to go to first grade next year.” “Sure you do” I replied. “You are doing so good with your writing and letters.” “I know that” she said, “but I won’t have you to help me.” “Oh Allison, you will always have me around the school to say ‘hi’ and who knows maybe I will volunteer for first-grade next year.”

These wonderful children are appreciative of the attention and for me, wow, what a feeling of accomplishment and joy. I love the sweetest words spoken by children, don’t you agree?

2 comments to “The Sweetest Words”

  1. Walk Says:

    That is a wonderful idea, advancing with your class. It would help them adjust to a new year and a new teacher with a familiar face in the room with them. That may be something to think about, besides it would help you not miss those kids that you have come to love over this year. Can you imagine how much those kids will grow over two years, physically and mentally. That would be something worth watching, and writing about.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Walk: Thank you for your inspiration. I think I will persue the idea of advancing with some of the children. Perhaps, Merrily the present teacher will move to first grade too, as we work well together.