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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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May '10

The Gift of Time

I sometimes wonder why I so much enjoy giving of myself to others when I did not witness this as a child  from my parents and upbringing.  In my growing up years, my Dad worked nights and sometimes days also just to make ends meet.  My Mom was the typical housewife that did not know or care about outside activities and did not attempt to make visits to the school in any capacity.  I promised myself that when I became a parent I would take an interest in my community and help somewhere.  And so upon my move to our first home out on Long Island, my son registered for first grade in a brand new school,  I  jumped at the opportunity to  get out of the house for an evening a week to socialize with other parents and also to help with the formation of a Parent Teacher Association.

My first challenge was on the By-Laws Committee and also chairman of the hospitality committee.    The first position was a breeze and the second I loved and must have baked it seemed a zillion cupcakes and cakes for meetings and cake sales.  Still today, I love making brownies, cakes for friend’s and neighbors.  From that position I moved up to Secretary, Treasurer, V-President and President in the ensuing years.  Each job that I held gave me so much satisfaction,  knowing I was a part of making a child’s life better with the latest books for the library or a machine to help with the schools eye exams for our children. This continued for my second and third sons in the same school until a life changing event took place and I returned to the work force for a number of years until 2003 and I retired.  Wow! Surprise!! All this time and what do I do with it?

After a week or two,  I was bored!  I was at a loss. Daytime television was not for me or the coffee klotch scene with neighbors that I hardly knew was not an inviting thought.  And so,  I became an Ombudsman (advocate for the Elderly) a volunteer at Marlowe Elementary for the past seven years and a Mentor  for a teenager in middle school.  The total time – perhaps a mere seven to nine hours out of 168 hours in a week.  And I think just think how affordable this is,   in my opinion for most of us that are retired and perhaps bored with the local news, soap operas and day- in,  day -out chit- chat.

Why not try  making a gift of your free time and see how rewarding this experience will be for you?  I can almost guarantee you will be so grateful that you did.  I hope you will let me know your opinion and your feedback on this subject of time and free gifts.

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