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Sep '07

The Challenge of Teaching

This is my fifth year as a volunteer and this is the first time with 8-9 year old children (3rd grade). My first year was with 1st grade and I could understand some of the children were not used to being away from home and the newness of walking and talking only when allowed and listening and trying to understand was overwhelming for most of them. The few that had gone to preschool or day care were able to adapt easily. I was shocked how a teacher was supposed to teach 18-21 children ranging in age from 5-6 in addition to keeping them in their seats and also deal with toileting habits.

I know the old adage is “In my Day” but it is so true that we were taught respect and knew our parents would back up the teacher. Today, some of the parents are incommunicado via telephone or notes. There are too many children on medication when a little more attention at home and some old fashioned hugs would give these children a feeling of love and self worth. For thirty years I worked and raised my three sons as a single parent and I made sure their homework was done. Their schedules and friends were all monitored. They had a bedtime curfew and there was no t.v. or computer to distract them. I made sure they had breakfast and a good lunch packed or money given on Friday for pizza.

My whole point with this dilemma is I would hope more parents would give some additional attention to their children and not expect the teachers to discipline as well as teach . It is not possible nor is it fair to the children that know how to listen and are there to learn. I would also hope that more seniors that have the time and the know how and the love of children to give an hour or two a week. It will be the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. These little ones need some grandma’s and grandpa’s in their daily lives. Go for it!!!

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