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May '09

Stormy Weather

The weather in New York has been rain, rain and more rain and Joey my grandson asked “if I could send him some sunshine in return for much needed rain here in Florida”.  As much I hesitated about canceling my trip,  it worked out as I would have been happy to see my family, but miserable with the gloomy, wet weather.  This turned into positive thinking about my wonderful cruise on the Ruby Princess last New Years and wondered if any other ships could compare with the ambiance, food and the comfortable beds.

By far, it was one of my favorite cruises to date and Princess rocks.  So wonderful to have good memories.  See you soon and have a great day.

2 comments to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Walk Says:

    Don’t know why, there’s no stars up in the sky, stormy weather……

    We could use some of that sunshine here also.

    Take an Alaskan cruise and you could stop off and see Gully, that is if she’d stay home long enough. You two with all your energy, ya make me tired just reading about all you guys do.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I have always been an on the move type. For me, sitting still is boring. Maybe I will consider an Alaskan cruise as Gully sounds awesome and maybe, she just might return the visit and come to sunny Florida….You too, Walk!