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Oct '10

Still In Fantasy World

Wow! I am still thinking about my wonderful cruise and all of the highlights that were such fun.  Finally today I got back to my normal duties and visited my student Sophia who I have been mentoring since last year.  She moved into the high school for her remaining four years and she is finding the full schedule challenging yet fun, too.

At 14 she is learning to organize, prioritize and also to be able to keep up with her assignments.  She is the recipient of the Take Stock in Children scholarship and I am her mentor.  It is quite a rewarding experience for me and also a treat to work with a student that could be my grand-daughter.  Being the Mother of three sons has given me a world of experience but it is a trifle different with a girl and I am loving the friendship and trust we are gaining in our relationship.  We meet once a week at the school and plan exercises to prepare her for life and career goals and how to achieve them.  She is always smiling and has a marvelous positive attitude and innocence.

Back in April I gave Sophia a key ring engraved from Bermuda that she adored and today I presented her with another key ring from Cozumel.  She was so excited and plans to add it to her back pack zipper.  I think I will continue to bring her one from everyplace I visit.

Till tomorrow have a good night and don’t forget to smile:)

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