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Mar '10

Spring Time

Hope everyone will be enjoying warmer and sunnier days from now on as Spring arrives tomorrow.   Between the frigid temps and ice-storms, tornadoes and earthquakes -floods it is time to rid ourselves of these stress factors and enjoy a day of relaxation, perhaps hear a bird sing, check out the blue of the sky as you take a walk around your neighborhood.  You might see neighbors you haven’t seen in awhile and chat for a bit.

I am planning a new hair- do tomorrow to brighten my appearance.  On Sunday, my clown outfit will be just right for a child’s birthday party.  The parents thought it might bring a few laughs,  as we celebrate his first birthday.  I will be bringing lots of colored balloons for the parents to blow up and maybe one or two will know how to make balloon figures.  Someday, I plan on being able to do this as it looks like so much fun.  Meanwhile, Sparkles will be clowning around with the little ones.  Right up my alley!

Enjoy your weekend!

2 comments to “Spring Time”

  1. Walk Says:

    Woke up on the first day of Spring to 6 inches of snow. I wonder what summer will bring.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    You need to visit sunny Florida even though the temperatures are still cool, but pretty soon it will be hot and humid!