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May '08

So Much Talent

Today I marveled at all the wonderful talent that our youth has; there were singers, dancers doing ballet, young actresses and actors. The youngest of the bunch was a beautifully talented young lady all of twelve years-old who could sing and dance. Her partner was fourteen and could sing, rap and dance too. Some of the vocalists brought the house down with their young and powerful voices.

One performer in particular had us in tears with her beautiful rendition of a song called “These are my Children”. I’m not sure if the song she performed was an original song written for this performance or if it was always part of the show, a 1980’s rendition of “Fame”, but it was so wonderful that it brought a powerful and emotional reaction from many in the audience, me included. Charlie and Marie Skelton deserve an award for directing the show and showcasing all of the local talent from our schools. RIchey Suncoast Theatre is becoming a mini Broadway!

As the stars of the show lined up outside to be greeted, I shook their hands and thanked them for their wonderful performances. We all wished them many years of future success. It was so enjoyable that I bought a return ticket for next Sunday’s final performance. I can hardly wait to see it once again. I loved it.

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