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Feb '09

Six More Weeks

Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson and Bruce Springsteen rounded out a wonderful evening.  I watched the beginning of the festivities, the half time extravaganza (I did raise the volume) and the end of a spectacular Super Bowl game. 

This morning the groundhog saw his shadow and that is not good news, especially for the people in Kentucky that are still without power.  Let’s hope Spring will be earlier than expected and not have six more weeks of winter.

On a brighter note, I spent the morning with my new kindergartners going over sight words and reading little primers.  There is so much joy to be had from this form of volunteering.  The pride alone from these  little ones make one smile all day.  They radiate so much goodness and promise.

In the afternoon I was able to return to my other children from a few weeks back and listen and help with their reading and sight words.  It is amazing how much they have learned in six weeks and how grown up they are becoming.  The world is in for a treat when these little people grow up into fine human beings and citizens.  They will be ready to give back and remember who helped them along the way.

Why not join in and help a child today?

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