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Sep '07

Raising Three Sons

Some of us might recall a television series titled “My Three Sons” and for anyone that has raised 3 sons you might relate to my memories. My first son was born in 1958, I would exercise to Jack LaLane while he was in the playpen next to me. As he grew his television shows were Capt Kangaroo and Casper the Friendly Ghost and on Friday nights he was able to have his dinner on a tv tray (remember those?) in the living room watching his favorite show titled “Speed Racer”, he also recalls Gigantour as being another favorite. Once music became available on 45’s, he enjoyed Sugar Sugar, Love Train and Balls of Confusion. He loved to pitch when he was in the little league and then onto the traveling teams. I recall telling him that if I ever had the good fortune of winning the lottery I would buy him a dream of pitching for the New York Yankees.

He still enjoys playing and plays with grown up Dads like himself……He also started taking Karate and this past June he earned his Black Belt. Terry my oldest son has always been like Leo the Lion but he does have a heart of gold and is really a mush. He has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

My second son’s name is Joseph and he was born in 1964 and he has been a daredevil since his birth. When he was around 18 months to 2 years of age he had a little tyke that he would just jump on and with his tiny legs race down the street. I spent lots of time chasing after him and then restricting him but he would just repeat it the next day. We had a large dog that he took for a walk early one morning while wearing a diaper. A neighbor next door called to tell me your son is out walking the dog. Rubbing my eyes looking at the clock sleepily I could not believe it was 8 a.m. I ran outside and there was a man standing with Joseph and our dog. He told me he thought he was imagining this sight of a little boy and a big dog that he drove right into the pile of dirt on the side of the road. Our street was a dead end fortunately for his safety and the dogs. Joe has always been a daredevil and loves to tell stories. He is like the nursery rhyme about The Sky is Falling. One never knows if his stories are made up or real. He has a good heart and he has a wonderful son that loves his Dad very much……

My third son was born in 1969 and I named him Darrin as I loved the tv show titled “Bewitched”. I believe Dick York played the role opposite Barbara Eden. He has an amazing logical mind and is very good at most anything he tries to do. In second or third grade he was a beginning drummer in school and at the spring concert he performed with his one arm in a cast. He drew a large round of applause. I was so proud of him. Another proud moment was when he received an award for outstanding performance in typing. One Christmas a good friend gave him a computer that generated the information on a tv screen. He became so proficient that with money he saved he bought his first Tandy computer at Radio Shack. He has a knack of being able to teach without losing patience and is quite adept at people skills.

He loves to compete and enjoys winning. Darrin is instrumental in aiding his Mom to obtain skills in computer literacy. He has a warm loving nature and personality.

I believe I am a super lucky Mom who was able to raise 3 sons and have them become warm, loving, intelligent caring people. Loving them is the most rewarding of all.

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