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Aug '07

Out of the Mouths of Children

A statement has always been “Children say what they mean” and I have heard a few cute ones in my time especially from my grandchildren….

When I first met my granddaughter she was 2 years old and I had flown up North to visit…….While her parents and I were chatting about height and weight……..she looked up and appeared so interested……I went on to say when we get older people mention we shrink and our spines compress……………Little Desiree just looked at me and never said a word……

The next day my daughter-in-law called to tell me Desiree had mentioned to her Mom being Nana will be little when she gets old, I know how I can help her. I can put a cord or rope around her and I can pull her along side of me. Just like my pull toys…………Today she is almost 18 and starting her first year of college and she remembers telling this to me ……

My 6 year old grandson at the time lived in Montauk NYand we were out walking along a path that was narrow so he walked in front of me……He had given me a piece of bubble gum and I didn’t want to refuse and hurt his feelings but when you have dentures some gums are taboo…..Well I was chewing and chewing and then he asked me a question and when I went to answer him my gum stuck to the top of my dentures and yanked them out into my waiting hand as his little head turned to see why I had not answered yet and he said “Nana you have fake teeth”, I didn’t know that…………….Let me see! Let me see! I was laughing so hard as I am now recalling the incident. I said Joey this is what happened to me for eating too much junk food……….He promised I am never going to eat junk food Nana, I don’t want fake teeth………….

Now he is 8 and yes he remembers when he sees me but he is eating junk food just as a young person should……I tell him it’s ok, just don’t forget to brush…………..

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