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Jan '08

No Truer Words

Years ago, I remember a celebrity stating that children speak the truth as only they know it.   How true I have found this to be as I spend hours a week with children.  On one occasion I had a small bottle of green tea that normally would hold water at my desk where I help the child with reading or math.  Why do you drink green water?  Where did you get that kind of water?  Will you get sick, is it medicine?  When I replied it was green tea, they had no idea.  Yesterday I had put on a pretty new shade of red lipstick and sure enough little Terrione looked at me and remarked ” MsMillie why did you paint your lips that color”? 

The behavior policy in the classroom is if you are good all day and stay on green, you can go into the treasure box before dismissal.  One warning- you  are on yellow and after that you are on RED.  I can always tell when I come in for the day who is on what color.  Some will tell me quietly with a smile, guess what- I am on green and a few with their eyes like puppy dogs mouth I am on yellow. 

With my patient voice and smile I tell them how proud I am of their behavior. For the ones with yellow and red  I reassure them that I believe they can do better and they are having a bad day.  Tomorrow you will do better, right?  Yes they reply and sure enough the next day’s report is good.  A few weeks back one of the students asked me “MsMillie” were you ever on RED?  Yes, I smiled as I recalled my behavior many, many years ago.  But- you are always good now- we love you.  And I love them no matter what color they are on.

2 comments to “No Truer Words”

  1. Walk Says:

    I’m one of those who stayed in the RED zone. Couldn’t help it, I liked to talk then, now I’m just the opposite. Those kids are blessed to have you, keep up the good work, the hug you give them may be the only hug they’ll get that day.

  2. msmillie Says:

    Walk- Thank you once again for making me smile and for your feedback. Their hugs in return are wonderful.