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Nov '08

Nice Monday

Had a wonderful restful Sunday just chatting with family up North, catching up on weather conditions.  They seem to be curious about the thermometer reading here in Florida versus the weather in New York.  I just love bragging about 75 degrees in November. I read the Sunday papers and cut out all of the coupons for future shopping days.  Watched some shows and got ready for today.  I started my Monday with a great breakfast and then left to work at the school with my little buddies. 

Fabian’s focus has shown improvement as his list of sight words are starting to register in his memory recall.  I can almost picture his expression, once he has mastered all twenty words.  The others like Skye, Obed and Jason are reading three different books that they keep in their browse box.   I have shown them how to turn the page from the top corner as I explain it will keep the pages unwrinkled and neat.  When it their turn to read out loud to me, they smile as they remember how to turn the page.   I just adore working with them.  Makes for a great day!

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