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Sep '11

New Cute Faces

This is going to be a great year for me volunteering at Marlowe Elementary I thought as I drove to the school this afternoon.   Although it has been eight years since I have retired and started volunteering, it seems like only a short time ago.  But, then I realize that when you are doing something you love, the time just flies by.  And for me, it has become the perfect recipe for a fulfilling life style.   The ingredients are the children that are young and curious and full of life and joy which in turn spills over onto me and it helps me help them learn words and numbers.   After a few short weeks,  they will be making sentences and then reading for the first time out loud.   This always manages to jolt me back to yesteryear with a deja vu feeling when my sons were boys and just learning to read   And so the perfect mix of patience-smiles-pats on the back and visits to the treasure box all create good students that enjoy learning listening and working with others.

My present class has twenty-one students and from a quick glance around the room it seems the boys outnumber the girls.   As I chatted with a few and asked their ages, they answered with the number 6, but when I asked when their birthday was?   Just a couple thought it might be ground-hog day but had no idea of the month or date.  And so I gave each one a tiny assignment (which made them feel important) and told them to ask at home and report back to me next week.   They seemed to like that idea and I felt like singing on my way home.

I am so happy for the new school year and hopefully I am not the only one with this feeling.

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