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Dec '09

My Forever Christmas Tree

About a week ago as I did my Christmas shopping I eyed these bright colored  pencils inscribed with Merry Christmas.  The package held 8 pencils and I had 16 children in kindergarten that I knew would love the pencils and so I grabbed two packages and looked forward to giving one to  each child.

Well, much to my surprise as I opened the door to the classroom this afternoon, they all were looking above at the blackboard and then smiled and yelled  “Ms Millie’s here”.

Tammy P then asked the closest child Blaise to read the inscription on the beautiful Christmas tree they had made out of cardboard for the trunk and green construction paper cut into branches.  Some of  the branches held a photo of each child as an ornament and the star read  “Ms Millie,  You make us shine and you  are our star”.  People, I tell you I was so moved by this wonderful gesture that I just about bawled in front of everyone.  As I thanked each one I was able to compose myself and smile and utter  “look what I have for you!!

Their eyes went wide and do I get to choose the color they asked?  No, every color is perfect as Santa made these pencils just for you.  They quickly hugged and thanked me and raced to put it  safely away in their back pack.

As I carried my beautiful Christmas Tree with all of the adorable 16 faces to my car after working with the children for two hours I felt so wonderful and knew I would treasure this gift for years to  come.  I knew exactly where I would place it when I arrived home and yes it is hanging on my kitchen wall.  Now,  I can smile at their cute faces every day while I drink my coffee.   It will be a part of  Ms Millie’s  box of wonderful memories.

2 comments to “My Forever Christmas Tree”

  1. Walk Says:

    What a wonderful gift. I must be a great feeling knowing that you’ve touched those kid’s life. You’ll enjoy that tree for many years yet to come.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a wonderful story and gift! Congratulations!! 🙂