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Sep '08

My First Grader’s Rate

This is only my fourth visit with these wonderful six-seven year old children that have captured my heart strings once again.  Four of these super kids are from my Kindergarten class last year, and they seem happy to have me back in their classroom.  Little Melanie who started late last year was shy and always looked so serious.  I would tell her if she smiled, her face would look pretty and happy, too.  Now, she smiles and her whole face lights up when she sees me. 

My assignment has been to work with the children having difficulty recognizing and retaining the words.  Once they master a list, they receive a dated star and then receive the next list of words.  There are eleven lists total that they will need to master this school year.  I am confident that each one will do well.

On Wednesday I will be helping with the combing, primping and lining up for the individual school pictures.  Class pictures won’t be until early Spring and by then they will have grown up considerably.  Who would believe one could derive so much joy out of helping our children?

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