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Dec '07

Making Space Food

My fun activities this week and next is to make space food with the children two at a time. We use 2 graham crackers split into two, a small baggie to put the crackers in. We then zip it closed and squeeze to make crumbs. Then we look at the spoons and I explain a tablespoon and a teaspoon. We measure out a tablespoon of peanut butter and a teaspoon of honey. Each places the ingredients into their baggie, zip it up and start squishing and pressing till we have a consistency that will ooze out of an opening they will cut at the end of the baggie. Some want to wait and bring it home to try and others open the baggie and scoop some out with their fingers. The idea is for them to learn measurements in addition to learning about the astronauts having a healthy snack while orbiting in space.

The children have been so excited doing this and the others can’t wait for their turn. My fun part is cleaning up the sticky spoons and seeing how happy the children are. I don’t recall having these fun moments in my earlier years in school, but then again that is a long time ago.

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