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Feb '09

Making a Snowman

As I chatted with my grandson Joey earlier this evening he mentioned that it was snowing and that tomorrow would be a two hour delay for school opening.  When I asked how he felt about it, he wasn’t sure if he liked the idea of sleeping in or having the chance to make a snowman again.  Montauk, NY is having lots of white days and cold temperatures so I guess the novelty is wearing off.  When I mentioned Florida’s cold spell and the predicted freeze for the next two nights, he was surprised as he believed Florida was hot and sunny all the time. I went on to tell him that once April arrives, we will be heading for the pool or the beach on his Spring visit.  OK, Nana that sounds great.   Yes it does, as I bundle up with my long robe.

2 comments to “Making a Snowman”

  1. Walk Says:

    Diving in a pool sound pretty good right now. I bet you can’t wait for April. Keep warm.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Do you recall marking days off on your calendar until the special event you were waiting for? I have a red marker and I am marking the days until Joey arrives. Makes it goes faster, right? Countdown has begun.