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Oct '08

Making a Difference

Some of my regular readers know that I volunteer for my elementary school and also as an Ombudsman (advocate for the Aged and Challenged adults).  Today,  my first grade children were going to a pep rally, which meant my time was shortened by a half hour that I would be there.  I helped my little Fabian with his sight words – listened to him read his first book,  “When I Look Up”.  There is a quality in Fabian that leads me to believe he could  be an actor,  when he grows up.  He sure has the personality, the sense of humor and the biggest brown eyes plus a wonderful infectious laugh and beautiful smile.  He makes this great-grandmother very happy. 

I decided once I left the school I would utilize my extra time and make a visit to one of my Assisted Living Facilities. This was a new assignment and I was impressed with their program and menus posted.   I spoke to a few of the residents asking them about their backgrounds and what their careers were many years ago.  So many of them have had wonderful lives and big families, yet there are a few that never married or had children.  I find them to be warm, interesting, and not bitter about being alone whereas some of the others that do have families are very bitter and cold hearted.  It definitely plays havoc with my feelings and emotions when I do both of these activities in one day, only hours apart. The contrast is overwhelming and I find myself almost in tears after being so happy only an hour or two earlier.  Because I care and enjoy the children and our seniors, I will continue to help.  My heart of hearts tells me “it is the thing to do”.

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