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Feb '10

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

I think this might have been a title to a song many years ago as I recall a melody and because it has been awhile since I have romantically been called sweetheart, todays’ event was more than charming and heart stirring.

Tammy my Classroom Teacher presented me with a half dozen or so handwritten Valentine messages written by our 5-6 year old children in her class telling me I was special, awesome and also sugar and spice.  Alex O all of six  years of age bought me a small heart box of candy with a card asking me to be his sweetheart.  Now,  I don’t recall there being an age when we learn to wish love for another, show kindness and just be extra sweet for this  Valentines Day but what I do know is that Ms Millie will savor each piece of the chocolates and will save the box and card with my other treasured memories .  And by the way Alex,  I accept Alex your offer to be your sweetheart.

After arriving home with my goodies I had another surprise from Flowers. Com.  A spectacular bouquet of flowers in red, pink and some yellow with a wonderful loving message from two very special people in my life, my  son Darrin and his bride Maria.  I placed them in a purple vase saved from past occasions that he has always remembered his Mom with beautiful flowers and there it sits proudly on my table along with my cards.

And,  now I  get double the pleasure and joy from their love.    This is turning out to be a pretty special day for romance.

For all of you may the arrow of love and kindness find you wherever you are this Valentines Day!  Share the love!

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