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May '10

It’s Almost the End

Three more weeks and school is out and my kindergartners will be moving up to first grade in September.  It has been a wonderful time watching them start out learning to sit, listen and learn with a brand new set of rules.  Their minds are like sponges as they absorb and observe and begin to almost grow up right before our eyes.  My friends have become little ladies and little gentleman who once again have touched my heart and found a place in my memory book with their individual cute ways.

As of now,  Tammy will be moving up to a reading specialist position and so will not be teaching kindergarten next school year.   For me, this means I need to scout out other teachers that might want me to help in their classrooms.   I don’t believe I am ready to say that’s it!  After all, Marlowe Elementary has become my second home since 2003.

It has been a  joy to work with so many wonderful children and become more appreciative of the work teachers and principals must perform every day to make our children’s education shine.  Perhaps another year or two will suffice-  but for now,  I look forward to the next three weeks before I hug each one on their moving- up day.  For me, there will be lots of happy tears and for them big smiles.

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