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Mar '09

I Rode the Yellow School Bus

What fun Ms Millie had today as I had my first ride in a school bus.  Some of the children also were first time riders as they are walkers for those that live close by or they are driven and picked up from school.  They were so happy to be going on their first school trip and they behaved perfectly.  We were treated to a live performance of Roxy and Sam -Nickelodeon characters at the local River Ridge High School.  Their acting and voice skills were awesome as well as the humor.

I had a wonderful time and more fun coming back and handing out snacks in the classroom for some good behavior.  I can now say  “I rode the Yellow School Bus”  as a Senior class Mom and hope they ask me again to be a helper.  Can’t wait to tell Joey about his Nana’s bus ride……….

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