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Oct '11

Howls of Laughter

Our yellow bus was packed with three classes of children (3 to a seat with seat beats on) three teachers and three helpers including me.   It was a short bus ride to the pumpkin patch and all of the thirty-six children were so well-behaved that they would be awarded complements when we returned to the classroom.

The thirty-six children were divided into groups of six and at each station there would be different games and challenges using plastic balls with pumpkin faces.  At one station there were pumpkin seeds and a small peat pot for the children to take home and plant their seeds.  A few decided right there that their pumpkin would be the biggest ever.  Now you know their imagination alone is priceless as well as their confidence.  I am going to make note of it and check it with the students next year and see just how big did their pumpkins grow?   I could have a little prize for the winning pumpkin.

At my assigned station we had to shoot little pumpkin balls into a basketball hoop.  Most of the children had no experience plus Ms Millie is just a couple of inches past 5 feet and so it was a challenge demonstrating how to shoot hoops.   Believe it or not. a few of the boys did get the little pumpkins into the hoop.   The laughter alone was worth it. It was a good thing that no one was shooting a video although it might have been a hit on America’s Funniest Videos.

We had our packaged lunches under the trees as the warm sun and clear skies gave us a beautiful day for a picnic. We hesitantly cleaned up and as we thanked the presenters at the farm they in turn gave each child a souvenir pumpkin.  I saw all smiley faces as we rode the big yellow bus back to school.  Then on Monday we will have a little party and I just might just wear my clown costume for Halloween with my orange wig.

Have a fun weekend and for those who celebrate Halloween, may you get lots of treats.


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