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Sep '09

Happy Weekend

On Friday I had lunch with my friend Lorraine who I have not seen since May at my last meeting with the Ombudsman.  She had spent the summer months with her family in Buffalo, NY for the cooler air and just returned to Florida.  We had a great time catching up on each others lives and made plans to meet next month.

Last Thursday I made my decision and purchased the 40 inch Samsung television and just needed to wait till Saturday morning for Bright House to update all the features they were offering.

Wow!  I had no idea what a difference a flat screen would make in seeing a beautiful vibrant picture and seeing the newscasters and stars close up.  Animals,  I can almost touch and the music from all venues is just incredible. I can now tape shows ( two at the same time) and be able to  watch whenever I want to.   I am amazed!

Excited to say the least,  I left to go to a birthday party for Michelle’s son Dominick at Monster Golf in the Dark.   What a neat place for children and parents to have fun time together.  You play 18  holes of miniature golf in glowing Monster lights and there are also other games you can play.  They had a party room where we had pizza, sausage and peppers, chips and goodies for the children.  It was so nice to be in the company of children 6-8 and see how happy and carefree they are.  It sure makes for fond memories of days gone by,  not too long ago!

And  so here I am on Sunday morning,  relaxing and looking forward a wonderful week and I wish you all the same.  Enjoy your life.

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