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Mar '10

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Can you believe that Dr Seuss is 106 years old and we are still celebrating all of his wonderful work?  My kindergarten class were all looking like cats yesterday as  the teacher had painted some whiskers and a dab of paint on their cute noses, and a few were wearing a tall hat just like the Cat in the Hat.

Look Ms Millie,  look at my face they chanted.   Hmm  I said,  you must be a rabbit,  no,  how about a dog? a horse?  No, they replied smiling, we are cats like Cat in the Hat.  Oh, I see and what cute cats you all are,  “I replied.”

I know I tease them, but they love it and it makes them giggle and it makes me giggle, too.  I then realize , I had read the first Dr. Seuss books back in the early 60’s to my first son.  My oh my how the time flies,  and the good has survived.  My son is now reading Cat in the Hat to his grandson and so it continues on through the generations .  Happy Birthday Dr Seuss and many more happy reading hours for our children.



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