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Dec '10

Grandson Coming To Town

Only two more days before my grandson Joey flies down from New York to spend a week with his Dad and wife.  He will also be spending a few days with me and I am so happy.   This will be the best Christmas present for me as this is what makes Christmas jolly is the joy of children and family.  I haven’t seen Joey in the past year and he has informed me that he is almost as tall as  me.   This for sure will be a sight for sore eyes and I can bet there will be tears of happiness as I hug and kiss him.

Tomorrow is next to the last day of school and we are having a little Christmas party.  I have bought each child an activity book wrapped in Christmas paper and attached a candy cane to their gift card.   My attire will consists of  a red Christmas decorated sweat shirt-black velvet pants and a headband with reindeer horns and bells.  This should create some laughter from the children as I distribute their gifts.  I know I will be missing them for the next three weeks till school resumes on January 10 2011.  But for now it is fun- family- friends and children getting in the holiday spirit.

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