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Feb '10

Fun at Safety Town

The sun shone brightly yet the wind was keeping the temperatures at 50 degrees , so we made sure the children were dressed as warm as possible.  So many of our kids don’t have outerwear other than sweatshirts or sweaters as our weather normally doesn’t get this cold for weeks at a time and so we zipped up sweatshirts and hoodies and made sure their tennis shoes were tied and we headed for the big yellow school bus.

The bus ride was exciting as they peeked out of  windows for about a half hour ride to Safety Town.  Waiting with smiling faces were six volunteers that greeted us and then divided the children into groups as we had two other classes with us on this trip.

Each volunteer started their group in a different area e.g. train station RR crossing, viewing a person that had fallen and how to call 911.  Instructions were given and repeated as we went through the town pointing out dangers and how to avoid them.

I think the children enjoyed the bike stop the most as that was where they donned a hair net and then  a bike helmet and rode a bike up a stretch of road and then to a corner, waited for a green light and walked their bike across the road and then rode their bike back to the bike rack.  They received a Safety sticker that they wore proudly as we had our bag lunch and then boarded the bus for the return to school.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos on this trip but I assure you everyone was smiling even though we were chilled with red noses.   Someone took this photo before we boarded the bus, so here we are……

Smiles at Safety Town

Smiles at Safety Town

3 comments to “Fun at Safety Town”

  1. Judith Mader Says:

    The new childrens book, entitled I WENT TO SAFETY TOWN! was released March 19, 2009 by AuthorHouse.

    This book is an introduction to Safety Town and a complement to some of the lessons taught in Safety Town Programs in communities throughout the country geared to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children. The content, written in verse, covers the introduction of the police officer, crossing the street, traffic signals, seat belt safety, bicycle safety, the importance of learning name, address and phone numbers, stranger danger, the Sheriff and littering, the ambulance, dangerous hiding places, finding someone trustworthy to confide in, fire safety (stop, drop and roll) and the strategic use of dialing “911” for emergency help. Pictures suitable to each topic enhance each safety lesson. Details can be reviewed at Authorhouse.com and is also available for purchase. The book is also available through popular book selling websites. Please contact me with any questions or comments at jrmader@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you for reading my blog regarding “Fun at Safety Town”. I appreciate the information regarding the book and I will pass it on to the teachers. It just might be on my gift ideas list for the little ones.

  3. Judith Mader Says:

    Safety Town has always been near and dear to my heart ever since I discovered the program years ago and put my 3 children through it. I loved it so much I chaired the program for a number years in Amherst, OH. I’m hoping to get this little book into the precious little hands of as many children nationwide as I can. The goal is if one picture, one word, one hint, one idea, saves a child from harm, it will have been most worth the effort. Thank you for passing this information along to your teachers! Sincerely, Judith