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Dec '07

Fairy Dust

Last Monday I returned to the classroom after my weeks vacation . I noticed one of my students with a scrape on the side of his face. He told me all about how he had fallen off his bike and also hurt his shoulder. Terrione pushed his shirt sleeve off his shoulder to show me. Quietly, I whispered that I had magic powers as a Grandmother. His eyes widened as he mouthed “really” Ms Millie can you make my boo boo go away? I can try as I started to gently touch his shoulder and then his face making quiet motions with my lips. Almost like abra cadabra. For those of us young enough to remember “Magic” formulas. I did this every day last week and lo and behold when I returned today, his scabs were gone. Terrione “you are brand new” – the magic worked. He reached out to give me the biggest hug and a smile that lit up his cute face. Fairy Dust does work when we believe in magic.

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  1. Walk Says:

    Great Story!