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Mar '08

Disappointed and Grateful

I guess I should explain the strange title although it is a typical situation for MsMillie.  My son from up North would be visiting in Florida for a wedding and a small vacation in Miami.  We were planning to be together tomorrow thinking the wedding was on Saturday but the wedding is tomorrow and he is flying home on Saturday.  We haven’t seen each other since Thanksgiving weekend and I miss him bunches.  On the other side of  the picture a year ago tonight,  my other son was visiting me when he had a heart attack right in front of me. Fortunately he survived a triple bypass and is doing wonderful today.  So I am sad, glad and thankful,  that I have been blessed with three super sons.  Mom’s are flexible so they say. 

1 comment to “Disappointed and Grateful”

  1. Walk Says:

    As a son, let me tell you that we are just as excited to see our mothers as you are your sons. In fact, I’m leaving in a few minutes to visit my parents over the weekend. I hope you get to see him and share at least a few moments together.