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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Dec '12

Day by Day Minute by Minute

Just a week ago I wrote how much I was looking forward to the next few days helping my students and celebrating my birthday.  It started on Monday evening at one of our local restaurants where Joe and his wife Chanipa and myself ordered some great food and had a brownie sundae with a candle on top.  Tuesday I headed to see my Sophia and we had our 40 minute chat and talked about school and the upcoming holidays.  After that I headed to my other school to work with my fourth grade students and review some math and I must admit they are catching on quickly……Then I visited my favorite hair stylist Alison of Shear Design and she brightened my brown hair with some red highlights, styled it after a little trim. I felt really glamorous as I headed to meet some yoga buddies at Grill 54.

One of my good friends bought me a birthday hat and a balloon and another presented me with a gift of organic green tea and a huge mug with an inscription “Embrace the Moment” across the rim.  We had so much fun as we shared some bruchetta, liquid refreshments lots of laughter and great conversations.  I was loving every minute of my big day and as I drove home (before dusk set in) “I thought just how fortunate I have been throughout my life and hoped it continued.”

I spent the early evening hours with phone calls of good wishes.  Along with a beautiful layer cake that was all flowers. It is one of the prettiest original arrangements I have ever received,  and it is still blooming as it sits on my table from my son Terry.  As i finished reading my birthday cards I could hear my computer beckoning me from “Skype and knew my Brooklyn family was there.”  ” How wonderful it was to hear Sam Meg and Mia as well as Maria and Darrin sing “Happy Birthday.”

Wednesday and Thursday I filled my hours with yoga, school and errands to finish before the mailing deadline

On Friday I had a procedure done to clear my nasal passages and told “no work or bending the rest of the day” and so I headed for my recliner and turned on the television.  My head was still foggy from the prescribed medicine taken earlier that morning and so I heard the newscaster talk about the events taking place I thought I must have the wrong channels or I was delirious.  Something didn’t jive (just yet) but within minutes I realized it was real and I could feel my eyes fill and the pain in my gut was wrenching…..It seemed like that awful time of 9-11 was repeating itself.   How in God’s name could someone do something so horrific?  And to take away innocent children’s lives the children of the world that I love so very much. Gosh, ” I don’t know how the parents and families will survive this massacre.  I don’t believe I could and I consider my self a pretty strong woman.”  This is by far a very frightening time for all of us and I am so worried for our schools and teachers and our wonderful children.

Please hug and hold your children and remember always to tell them how much you love them and how proud you are of all their accomplishments big and small.  Above all teach them to be kind to each other and show them how you treat others.  Children mimic adults all the time, let’s give them a good image.

My heart breaks as I see all the sadness in just a matter of a few days………..

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