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Jan '08

Company for Easter

Just received the best news “My Grandson Joey” will be visiting me on his Spring break in March. He will be here for a week and Easter Sunday will be just great. Now, I can plan to color eggs with him (loved to do that with my sons-many years ago) maybe even have an egg hunt. Joey is nine years old and lives in Montauk, NY which is the tip of the Island. I know he is going to enjoy the warm weather and be able to go to the beach.

I am planning a trip to the zoo and maybe Busch Gardens to keep him interested and have a fun time. In the past I have learned so much more when you see things from the eyes of a child. Their exuberance and curiosity are endless. Hmmmmmmmmm wonder what size Easter bunny I should buy! Joey loves chocolate just like his Nana…..

2 comments to “Company for Easter”

  1. Jo Says:

    I know you will be counting the days until you see joey. He of course will have a great time in Florida. Jo

  2. msmillie Says:

    Thank you Jo, for your comment. We know how wonderful our grandchildren are and indeed how fast they grow! I am counting the days until I see him.