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Feb '11

Be Mine Sweets

As I left the school today with a happy feeling as always, I thought about next Monday and the number fourteen appeared before my eyes.  Sweetheart’s day, Valentines day, be mine day…..Hmmm….What could I bring to my sixteen sweethearts on this special day?

Well, it would have to be individually pre-wrapped and all the same color-so as not to create choices.  And so as I drove down the road I remembered to return my books to the library and then stopped at the brand new Dollar General store.  What a nice surprise as I entered the store with its awesome display of cards, candies and artificial flowers, but what caught my eye was the bag of twenty red inscribed ( in white letters) “BE MINE” lollypops.   The count would be perfect as well as the sentiment for giving each child one and also one for Ms McKim and one for MsMillie, leaving two extras.

Gee, I can hardly wait for Monday to give out my sweets, how about you?

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