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Jun '14

Wonderful Family Visit

Flew up to NYC over the Memorial Day weekend to celebrate my grand-daughters third birthday.  I couldn’t wait to see my son and his wonderful wife and children as they always make me feel comfortable and right at home.  Since I started on my oxygen usage, I have been a little embarrassed about having to use it and not being able to be as active as I used to be.  But both Maria and Darrin are always there to help me along, without making me feel like I am a burden.

Sam Meg and Mia are super smart children and have the most wonderful personalities.  Each has their own interests yet share things nicely.  I listened to Sam and Meg play their latest achievement on the piano and so impressed with how good it sounded.   Even little Mia could play a little tune and before long I am sure she will be taking lessons and then we could have a little concert of sorts.   Hey “Maybe, I could be their soloist as I know the words to the tunes they are learning to play.”

On Monday the birthday girl was so excited as the company started to come and her Mom had made these awesome cupcakes with different colored frosting and candies on top.  Her Uncle Terry and Aunt Peggy along with her cousins Desiree and Brian.  Marissa and Anthony her second cousins also joined the party.

The food was beyond delicious and all healthy and prepared by Maria.  She is one dynamic woman and mother to my three grand children and I admire her so much.  My son lucked out with having an awesome wife, mother and best friend to share his life………..It was an awesome visit and a great time and so thankful I could be there……………

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