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May '11

Wedding Bells and Nursery Rhymes

Lucky Ms Millie is  so excited as she has two awesome events coming up within the next eight or so days.   The first being the joining of hands in matrimony by Brian and Desiree on June fifth with one of her attendants being my ten-year old great grand-daughter Marissa (as her junior bridesmaid ) wearing a bright yellow dress highlighting her beautiful long brown hair with a tiara headband.

Seeing Desiree in bridal attire is mind-blowing in itself (as I still see Desiree as a little girl ) who is now all grown up and then seeing Marissa in her finery, will have me shedding tears of joy and pride at this wonderful event .  And won’t it be so spectacular to share it with family and friends?  Actually, I am already seeing the ambiance of the catering room and savoring the smells of great food and I can almost hear the music in the background.   I know now I will  be ready to dance with the groom, my son and grandsons (maybe) as boys aren’t too good about dancing with their Nana.  But we never give up on being surprised! Right?

From this happy occasion on Sunday I plan to visit my son and wife in New York City and meet for the first time my new-born grand-daughter Mia.  Although she is my eighth the excitement I am experiencing is deja vu.  I bought her the cutest pink album to store all her first photos and plan to shop for lots more girlie gifts.  So I leave you now and plan to write some more in a few days.


2 comments to “Wedding Bells and Nursery Rhymes”

  1. Christopher Canonico Says:

    Hey Aunt Millie, this site is amazing, and I’m happy to know someone in our family shares a passion that i also have in loving to help other’s and to give back to our country. Lot’s of Love… Christopher!!

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    And thank you for giving of yourself to our country. Be safe!