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Feb '13

Waiting with Open Arms

In less than 48 hours my little villa will come alive with the arrival of my three adorable munchkins and their parents.  It is going to be a wonderful Sweethearts day in more ways than one.  For example:  the best kisses are the ones from our very own grand-children along with the hug and embrace of your son and wife.  My goodness, I can already feel the love and warmth flowing through my body.  I am so excited and thankful that this time is almost here.

I have bought Spider Man and Princess Sleeping bags along with toys books and little outfits for all.  Momma has made a big  batch of her wonderful chicken soup along with some homemade brownies as a starter.

I plan to enjoy each moment with my family and hope they enjoy their time with me as well.

To all of you have a wonderful Valentines day and a great week, too…….


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