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Jan '12

The Singing Grandma

I just love singing Happy Birthday to my family via telephone!

Everyone in my family lives out-of-state, except for one relative.  As soon as they pick up the phone, I start my singing and end it with a birthday message.  My sisters and brother have all commented favorably, and my grandchildren love it!

Perhaps it is the surprise (because I sure don’t have a great singing voice), but I do try to sound happy and playful.  I feel people in general love to feel special and what better time to do this?

When my seven-year old grandson heard my singing message on the answering machine this past Sunday, I’m told he started dancing!  How fun is that?!  It brought a big smile to my face and it felt great!

I think little 7 y/o Sam has convinced me to continue being the singing grandma.

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