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Jun '13

The right amount of People

At 11:11 p.m. on the 13 Th day of June a 5 lb 6 oz baby girl came into this world!  And her name is Joava.  She is the prettiest little baby with tiny puffy cheeks and the most adorable perfectly shaped lips.  I could not believe,” how magical it was for me to hold her in my arms just being born 17 hours earlier.  It didn’t matter that this wasn’t the first grand-baby, that special proud feeling was right there as I beamed with a happy heart and wet eyes.” Actually, I am feeling pretty smug about this whole business of being a grand-parent for the ninth time.  This is actually the right number for Ms Millie to think about starting her own baseball team in just a few years .  The oldest will be 31 right down to little Joava.  How much fun this would be!  We shall see what the future holds, after all they say “anything is possible, right?”

A loud welcome goes out to my new grand-daughter.!

My New Grand-daughter Joava born 6-13 at 11 11 5 6 19 in Your parents and older brother will love you along with the rest of the family.

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