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Jan '13

The Magic Number 49

Back in 1964 I was living in New York and almost 9 months pregnant with a due date of February 16 and thinking that would make a nice Valentine Day gift for me and my husband.  The beginning days  of January were snowy which created lots of snow drifts and piles of snow to climb over to get around on foot.   I had a five-year old that needed to be taken back and forth to school and the walk was becoming too much for me.  (This was before I learned to drive) and so lucky for me I had a Superintendent in my apartment building that offered to walk my school age child to and from school.   I also lived on the top floor of a six-story building that didn’t have an elevator and so I think this all created an early arrival one Monday in January.   I called a neighbor to stay with my school age son and walked to the hospital just down the block to have them check out my abdominal pain when they informed me I was in labor and not walking back home.   Immediate phone calls to my friend Lorraine who in turn called my husband and the waiting began.   If  I remember correctly my little Joey was born at 5:55 p.m on January 17TH and he weighed six pounds four ounces with a full head of black curls.   Tomorrow this wonderful son of mine celebrates his birthday and I wish him more love (if that is possible) and good health and happiness…….Happy Birthday Joe.

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