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Oct '10

The 60,000 Mile Marker

Back in 2004 I purchased a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 37,173 miles on its odometer.  I loved the black interior and leather steering wheel plus the exterior was my favorite shade of red and so I have been driving this wonderful car of mine for the past six years.

On Tuesday of this week on my ride home from volunteering I glanced at the odometer and it read 59999 and it was like WOW!  I am finally going to reach 60,000 miles.  I didn’t want to miss seeing the odometer change and luck was on my side as I was close to home.   I diligently drove with one eye on the road and one watching the odometer and right as I turned the corner to my block the numbers changed.  60,000 miles and for me it was like Bingo!  it has only taken 6 years and seven months for me to drive 22,827 miles.  For some of you reading this it might seem silly but for me it was a fun moment and I laughed as I parked my red 2001 Corolla in my driveway with its magic numbers on the odometer.

2 comments to “The 60,000 Mile Marker”

  1. Walk Says:

    Almost time to have the oil changed :>). Glad you have a good car and glad you caught the milestone.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    It is a comfort to me knowing my Corolla is dependable and hope it continues. This way my extra dollars can go towards vacation trips, like a 2011 cruise if I am lucky .