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Feb '10

Thank Goodness For Love

Flying into New York on Friday for Darrin’s wedding celebration was so exciting as I traveled with his brother Joe and his wife Chanipa.  She was anxious and a little nervous,  as this would be her first meeting with family members in addition to seeing New York for the first time.  I assured her that with her charming smile,  she would make everyone feel comfortable and happy to meet her.

As we relaxed and read on the flight, the announcement came on with the weather report that Islip Airport in Long Island had sunny skies with a brisk temperature of 21 degrees.   I think everyone gasped and wished we could turn the plane around and head back to Florida…I knew I was cold in 50 degrees, how was I going to fare in 21?   With the love of a wonderful occasion, the love of my family, the meeting of new people and the joining of all of us being thankful for this happy occasion for Darrin and Maria (the wonderful happy bride and groom).    It indeed helped with the frigid temperatures as they say “Love conquers all”.

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