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Oct '09

Pumpkins and Candy Corn

My little children at school visited the pumpkin farm last week and I am curious about how they enjoyed the bus ride and the pumpkins.  I am not sure if they were allowed to buy a pumpkin, but I am betting they had a great time.  On my shopping trip today,  I purchased  candy corn and assorted bags of candy to distribute on Friday and also some for my trick or tr-eaters on Saturday.

I love seeing the children in costume as well as the adults.  When I was a young girl, the boys would fill socks with flour and chase the girls to swat their navy blue pea jackets( that were in style).   We would come home from school with white streaks in our hair and on our jackets , that we had to brush out.  Mom’s weren’t too happy as I recall, but it was fun!!

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