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Apr '13

Perfect Weather for a Perfect Event

March 21 is the first day of Spring and living up North years ago, we sometimes didn’t have the temperatures to match the season until the end of April or early May.  This one-time-event that I will always remember was the 17th day of April and I was nine months pregnant.

When I awoke that morning and sent my two older children off to school after having their wholesome breakfast, I realized how beautiful the weather was and maybe that I would take a walk.   I had a nice neighborhood with sidewalks, and I could walk about a mile to the main road where there stood a McDonald’s among other shops.   My tummy was craving a hamburger and fries, and perhaps a shake.

So I set off to start my walk a little early leaving myself enough time to eat and return home before my two children came home from school.  I recall that the sun was shining and maybe it was 65 degrees outside as I walked carrying all the extra weight while looking forward to my child being born any day.  My due date was April 24th, but I never – in million years – thought the walk could bring on labor.   I reached my destination starved and had my cheeseburger & fries and a chocolate shake, and then headed home full and happy.

My two sons came home and had their after school snack while I sat outside to enjoy the rest of the beautiful afternoon before starting dinner.  My tummy started to feel little cramps, but I just thought my baby was getting ready to move around some more after having some of my great lunch.  OOPS!  I forget to tell you, my two sons share the same date, but different months for their birthdays.  And so when their Dad called from work  to ask how I was feeling , I recall my answer being something like “I have some discomfort, but nothing too serious or resembling labor pains.”   His response was, “Today is the 17th and maybe you are in labor.  Call the doctor.”  “Joe”, I said with a chuckle, “that is craziness. How can I tell the doctor this?”  “Just do it.”, was his reply.  O.K., and so I did, and my sweet doctor told me take a ride to the hospital and we will do a look-see.

Lo and behold, my little discomfort was labor pains and just a few hours later I had my third son born on April 17!   It sure made this Mom very happy and thankful.  Today, forty-four years later, I am still so very proud of my son born today and his brothers born on August and January.   Maybe the number 17 is my lucky number!  Times 3!

News Flash:  Just like 44 years ago to the day, the weather report is “…a perfect Spring day…” for the people up North.  How wonderful for my birthday son!

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