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Jul '09

New Month and Celebration, Too

It sure is hard to believe it has been six months since the first of this year and almost time to celebrate our Independence Day on Saturday.  Fourth of July banners and stands are set up on street corners with vendors selling their fireworks and streamers.  Fortunately we have started the rainy season otherwise the firework displays would have been canceled as in previous years with the drought conditions.  I love the pretty professional displays but not the sounds of the rockets, cherry bombs, etc. that are not only noisy but dangerous.  Years back when I lived in the city of New York, our dog would hide behind the toilet for comfort.  We didn’t know at the time that it not  only scares the dog, but it hurts their ears, too.

On a different note, my keyboard homework was correct and I am now practicing the left hand scales with the hope of using both hands by Sunday and playing Love Me Tender…I am also in the middle of my fourth week of continued Pilate’s, yoga and weight (body sculpting) training and I am leaving now for my abs class.

Enjoy your day everyone.

1 comment to “New Month and Celebration, Too”

  1. Walk Says:

    Coordinating both hands to play the notes on the right keys at the right time was what led me to give up the piano. It haunts me now with the guitar. I guess some people have talent and some have the left-overs.