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Nov '12

Mini Vacation

My teachers and students are happy with their week off and I am lost with all of the free time I have after doing my hour-long practice of Yoga.   It seems like only yesterday when I was hurrying and scurrying to buy all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful feast on Thanksgiving Day.  I somehow managed to work full-time shop cook and clean and still take care of my three wonderful sons.  I even baked apple and pumpkin pies besides making an attractive platter of antipasta (Genoa salami-provolone-olives-artichokes-and anchovies) for a starter.  But those were the days of every one living in one state and I loved being the hostess and never thought of it as being work.  In retrospect “I imagine my body felt it, once I sat down.”  Fortunately my nieces always helped with the dishes afterward.  And then I put everything away once they left.  Gee. those were wonderful times and I treasure the memories and the family that once was.

Fast forward to the present.  The past two years have been hit or miss and so this year my son and his wife and I will be going out to eat.   He has an early day on Black Friday and for me it will no dishes to do.  I can concentrate on shopping for Christmas and writing my holiday cards

And so to all of my wonderful readers I wish you a wonderful safe holiday.  Enjoy your families and friends and above all smile and count your blessings.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

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