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Jun '12

Loving my Banana Bracelet

Approximately twenty-one years ago my two-year old grand-daughter named me Nana Banana and the name has stuck as far as my grandchildren go.  Sometimes they shorten it and call me “banana” and I just love it!  To my surprise at a family party last week. my sweet great-grandson Anthony handed me a silver stretch bracelet with yellow bananas hanging from it and wished me a “Happy Mothers Day Banana.”  As I hugged and thanked this wonderful little boy I could feel my eyes dampen as it brought to mind a song from years back titled “Little Things Mean A lot and  for me “I have always  felt that I had no need for diamonds or pearls but just the simple thoughtful gestures of love and sincerity would suffice.”

I have worn this delightful fun bracelet all week and I am so much enjoying the wonderful comments from friends and teachers about how cute this bracelet is.  Even at my doctor visit yesterday, they smiled as I related the background story to the yellow bananas.

Thank you Anthony for thinking of your Nana Banana and your love means the world to me. And to my grand-daughter Désirée thank you for passing the name on.

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