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Apr '11

Looking Ahead

Next week at this time I will be celebrating my granddaughter’s graduation from college.  Desiree has always been a determined little girl and so I am not surprised at all of her achievements in spite of the many challenges she faced.  I am hoping to catch some of the highlights on a video (I learned recently how to) tape.

Now I just to need to check the extended weather forecast to see what type of  clothing I might need to pack.  Their high 60’s is like winter to this Florida living lady and so I will probably be wearing layers and also a heavy sweater.   At least I won’t need boots to trudge in the snow or gloves to keep my hands from freezing.  I am hoping for barbecue weather on Sunday as I get to celebrate Motherhood with my two sons and their families on Mothers Day.

Life is good!  And I am thankful to be living it.

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