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Apr '11

Labor of Love

The weather today reminded me of how beautiful the weather had been just a few years back in 1969.   It was a Spring like day and considered way too early for us New Yonkers, but I wasn’t complaining in my present condition.  (Nine months and the due date was imminent)  Besides after the cold winter,  I welcomed being outside and being able to walk free of ice and snow mounds.

At this stage of my life, both my sons were in school and I recall thinking that the next day would be the 17th and how ironic it would be if my child were born on this date.  You see Terry was born on the 17th of August and Joseph the 17th of January.  And so I wondered if three times the charm would happen?

Well the next day the weather was just as beautiful.  And so I decided I would walk up a mile or so to the local McDonald’s and Johns Bargain store.  I though a treat of a hamburger and fries would be fitting for this chubby woman plus I could browse at the bargains next door after lunch.  So off I went and enjoyed my shake, burger and fries and even bought a few baby items and coloring books for my sons at home.

As I walked back, enjoying the breeze and sunshine I remember feeling fatigued and having more pressure pains on my now full tummy.

Once home I decided to sit outside on my patio.  While waiting for my sons to come home from school I enjoyed the quiet of the afternoon when my phone rang to break the silence.    It was my husband Joe saying “Millie call the doctor and tell him it’s the 17th.”

I replied “Joe, he knows the date.”‘

He said “Just tell him about Terry and Joseph, and maybe you might be ready.”

I answered back “Joe that sounds crazy, and I am not even in labor,  I ‘m just having pressure pains, but I will call him to make you happy.”

Long story short, I called the doctor and he advised me to come to the hospital for an exam.

Once there, he let me know the pressure was in fact labor pains and I would not be going home.  But with luck you will be giving birth within the next few hours.

With that I had them notify my brother who had driven me to the hospital to call my husband and give him the awesome news.

At 7:04 pm on April 17 1969 I gave birth to a 6 lb 2 oz beautiful baby boy with jet  black hair.  His name would be Darrin as I loved the hit series Bewitched and the actor’s name in the series was Daren.  With a few tweaks to the spelling.  And viola.

Gee to have three sons all born on the seventeenth!  It sure sounds magical to me.

Sometimes I do ask myself if it seem like only yesterday or just a few years ago?   And then I realize how very long it has been and gee wouldn’t it be nice to have the three of them in the house again?  If only to need their Mama for a while and I in turn  could perhaps spoil them a little, just one more time.

Happy Birthday Darrin

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